Proposal and award writing

Where you are applying for a grant or award, Yellow Bird can offer support at every step of the application process.

Applying for grant funding

  • Identifying grants most relevant to your project
  • Writing your proposal to reflect:
    • a clear description of the project
    • an understanding of how your project will deliver on the funder’s policy aims
    • service user needs
    • strong outputs and outcomes
    • an effective communications plan
    • monitoring and evaluation
    • a robust exit strategy
    • a clear and comprehensive style
  • Edit and review proposals you have written to act as your critical friend

Successful applications start with winning ideas. Read our Funding series of blogs: Looking for funding? It all starts with the project idea and Choosing the right funding opportunity for your project.


Applying for an award

Making the shortlist of an awards programme can generate welcome PR for your organisation; winning an Award is even better.

Yellow Bird can support you in:

  • identifying the activities within your business that stand the best chance of winning an award 
  • researching suitable awards 
  • building awareness about your business ahead of application submission  
  • writing the application in such a way that captures the Panel’s interest and shows impact.

Learn more in our blog, How to write a winning Business Award entry.

Proposal and award writing in a notebook

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