How we work

Our approach is flexible. It may be that we work with you on a one-off project, on an ad-hoc basis or on a retainer as your outsourced marketing manager. We’re happy to tailor a plan according to your specific needs.

We pride ourselves on truly listening to what our clients need. Ensuring this clarity on recommendations and requirements from the outset allows efficient use of time. As such, we’re able to offer highly competitive rates.

Whether you’re looking for help on all activities or you wish to undertake some yourself, we believe the following steps are a good foundation for any marketing project:


1. Discovery

  • Work with key colleagues to understand the business’ goals for the next 6 months, 12 months and beyond
  • Develop an understanding of the product or service portfolio and what sets you apart

2. Strategy

  • Determine key messaging
  • Define tactics and most appropriate channels
  • Set goals and success measures
  • Set budget
  • Produce a go-to-market strategy

3. Creation

  • Determine editorial calendar: what to publish and when, and align to key events or news in the relevant sector
  • Craft marketing and communications material to support campaigns

4. Launch

  • Internal: get colleagues and investors on board
  • External: publish to clients existing and potential, the wider public and press (national, regional or trade where appropriate)

5. Analysis

  • Evaluate what has worked and what hasn’t
  • Go/ no go decisions on activities to expand or end

Working with Yellow Bird

Many organisations we work with are clear on what they want – to win more business; grow; better engage with existing customers or service users; or win funding. What allows their dreams to become a reality is the activities they undertake.

Limited time or internal resource often means that these activities are undertaken in isolation rather than in a focused and strategic way.

Yellow Bird works with you to produce an overall marketing strategy which supports you to:

  • identify the user benefits that sets your business apart from others
  • assess your customers and markets to ensure your products and services truly match their needs
  • determine an appropriate voice and channels for each market
  • create clear and targeted copy with strong calls to action

Our client base is predominantly in the East Midlands although we’ve also supported clients in the North West and Wales. We’re always happy to support interesting projects wherever they’re taking place.

Rebecca Erskine


Improving your marketing & communications

We pride ourselves on truly listening to what our clients need. Ensuring this clarity on recommendations and requirements from the outset allows efficient use of time. As such, we’re able to offer highly competitive rates.

Whether you’re looking for help on all activities or you wish to undertake some yourself, we believe the following steps are a good foundation for any marketing project:

Articles & Web Content

Case Studies




Promotional Copy





Working with Rebecca Erskine


"We were looking for an agency to support us in reaching new employers and we were referred to Yellow Bird by East Midlands Chamber. Rebecca’s skills, expertise and insight have been exactly what we needed.

Rebecca worked with the management and sales teams to develop a Comms and PR Strategy and supported us through the implementation every step of the way.

Rebecca has become an extension of our team, integrating brilliantly within the organisation and her thorough ‘completer-finisher’ approach means that she looks after the whole process from beginning to end including liaising with staff, customers and media on our behalf.

I would highly recommend Rebecca to businesses both small and large as someone who listens, brings great ideas to the table and most importantly, turns the vision and ideas into reality."

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Corrina Hembury

Managing Director, Access Training Ltd

"We recruited Rebecca to review, progress and further develop the copy for a new scheme - The UpScaler Project - launched earlier in 2019 for businesses that are looking to upscale. The copy and the creative work needed to comply with ERDF guidelines and the style already developed for the project. Rebecca was reliable, and persistent about getting the right level of information to inform and guide the copy. She took a great deal of attention in ensuring the copy was right, and made several recommendations along the way. It was a pleasure to work with her and hope we can do so again in the future."

Alison Gray

Corporate Marketing Manager, East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire)

"Rebecca supported Zebra Marketing & Communications Ltd in building a resource and learning centre for a large multinational software provider. Her role in the project included the production of whitepapers and blogs on subjects ranging from green energy to Industry 4.0, as well as case studies, press releases and quizzes. She is adept at working at pace and has been wholly reliable in providing quality content ahead of deadline.

Her ability to quickly hit on the client's style and get to grips with unfamiliar subjects means very few, if any, edits are required to her submitted work. The impact of her work in positioning this client as a thought leader has not only strengthened their brand but increased the number of incoming leads through their website".

Clara Hughes

Director, Zebra Marketing & Communications Ltd

"SENDS is a community interest company based in the East Midlands and designed to help parents of children with additional learning needs. We support children with communication and interaction, cognition and learning, social, emotional and mental health and sensory and/or physical needs in their familiar surroundings of either home or school.

With school and local authority budgets under so much pressure, our greatest challenge is sourcing funding and garnering support. Of course we're passionate about our work and know what we want to achieve but we don't have the time to work on how we communicate that to potential sponsors.

Rebecca has supported us with a number of communication projects such as writing articles and acting as a critical friend on a large funding application, and has really taken the time to get to know our business. Her input has helped us to ensure that we always write with our audience in mind and with a clear focus on the particular call to action we want that audience to undertake."

Eloise Barnett

Director, SENDS CIC

“Rebecca is a talented operator with fabulous general management, marketing, client engagement and content-generation skills. In the years she worked for me, she was ever-reliable in coordinating resource to ensure goals were met. Her output - whether working in the private, public or charitable sectors - has always, without question, been of the highest calibre.”

Jeremy Phillips

Director, Bodhi360

“Rebecca and I have collaborated on projects where I have led on website design and development and Rebecca on content.

It’s often the case when I’m building a website that the client does not have the skills or time themselves to produce the content and that can lead to delays in project sign-off. Rebecca can reliably fill this gap and is always available to field any urgent questions.

She always delivers on time and that’s a great reassurance when I’m working to tight deadlines.”

Ben Fletcher-Bates

Managing Director, Design Kabin

“Rebecca and I delivered a number of campaigns together including web development, e-campaigns and events to achieve growth of software subscriptions in the public, academic and voluntary sectors in the UK and mainland Europe. She has a very approachable and honest style which made it easy to work with her to achieve joint outcomes.”

Richard Blackburn

Head of Marketing, Idox Software Ltd

“I have had the privilege of working with Rebecca Erskine on several occasions and have found her to be an excellent and ingenious wordsmith. The first time I met her was 10 years ago when she was working for a local magazine and was tasked with writing a feature on my business for our 50th Anniversary. The article was excellent, accurate and very well written. I was very impressed and knew that I would work with Rebecca again. Imagine my delight when I found that she was starting her own business, Yellow Bird Communications – I will definitely use her services and I know that whatever task I send to Rebecca will be dealt with professionally and properly, and that her skills will be of use to many businesses and will increase their sales and polish their reputation!”

James Pogson

Director, Northern Tea Merchants Ltd

"I have known Rebecca for over 20 years and have found her to be a great source of knowledge in what can be tricky to navigate funding world and a pleasure to work with. She has always made me feel valued as a customer and listened to.”

Veronique Poutrel

External Funding Manager, East Sussex CC

"Rebecca contacted me a few years ago with a great idea for a feature. I commissioned her to write it and the article was well-written, well illustrated and met the deadline - what more can an editor ask! She's written more than 30 features for my magazine Reflections, and I have always been happy with her research and her writing style. In particular, she recently tackled one of the most complex issues of our time - plastic waste - giving it the necessary local angle (Ellen McArthur is from our patch in Derbyshire) and making it easy to follow for the layman (which is the secret of good feature writing, of course). I have no hesitation in recommending her."

Barrie Farnsworth

Editor, Reflections

“Rebecca provided outstanding copywriting service for my new website. With a great depth of professional experience within business and marketing and a keen grasp of the English language and communication, I was delighted with the quality and accuracy of her work.

When hiring copywriters there is always some trepidation and concern about whether your voice will come across through someone else's writing. Rebecca takes the time to talk to you and understand that voice and what you are trying to achieve and delivers something back that is far superior to anything I could have done."

Daniel Driscoe

Executive Coach, Iuvo Coaching

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