There are so many different marketing activities from which to choose – websites, email marketing, events, newsletters, webinars, brochures, adverts, online training, videos, advertising, speaker engagements. It can, quite frankly, be overwhelming. Where do you start in creating a marketing strategy or plan?

Whilst it’s tempting to do everything, not collating all activity into a marketing plan lacks both focus and impact. Your marketing plan or strategy also needs to seamlessly align with the wider aims and direction of your business.

Marketing strategies need not be complex nor use every medium. They should however include:

  • Research on markets, customers and competitor products.
  • Clearly-defined goals which are realistic, measurable and time-specific
  • Impact targets – whether that be changed buyer or supporter behaviour, increased leads or revenue

Let us show you how Yellow Bird arrives at a marketing plan that creates impact for your organisation.


Interested in learning more? Take a look at our FREE guide to competitor analysis:

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