One of the reasons it pays to work with a small business, is that they work hard to keep overheads and costs low. It’s certainly the case for Yellow Bird Marketing and Communications. Since the clients we work with all have very different needs when it comes to their projects (web design, SEO, videography, perhaps graphic design), it makes perfect business sense to bring in certain expertise only as and when needed.

When we were offered the opportunity of getting involved in the University of Derby’s Driven internship programme, we jumped at the chance. The programme meant we could work with talented and enthusiastic students and graduates like Maciej Rus and Freya Padmore who applied their expertise to projects; not only for Yellow Bird’s clients but for our business too.

 “I think it is really important that the University, regardless of its name, supports businesses across the county of Derbyshire and that is the benefit of this particular programme. Remote working has given me the perfect opportunity to get the candidates that I really wanted for the project, regardless of where they’re based.” Rebecca Erskine, Yellow Bird owner

The internships may now have ended but we’re very happy that there have already been further opportunities to involve Maciej and Freya in new projects.

You can hear more about how the all-round benefits the project brought here.

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